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Woops! Accidents happen… Find someone who will treat you like family and your car like theirs.

Accidents suck. Let us take the stress out of the experience.

Paying for accident damages yourself may be a smart move if these situations apply to you:

Single car accident
If your accident only involves your car, try to avoid a claim. Take your car to a reputable collision repair shop and ask for a repair estimate. If the cost is less than your car insurance policy deductible, you should probably pay for it yourself.

Minor fender-bender
For minor accidents, like a dent or a broken tail light, consider paying out of pocket. However, take steps to minimize your liability. Photograph the accident scene and get the other party to sign a waiver. This will protect you if the other driver later decides to file a claim related to your accident.

You don’t have Insurance
If you currently dont have coverage come on in and we will provide you with the best and honest price to get you up and running as soon as possible.

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